rent or buy a home


In some places, owning a home is the most important for life. They hesitate to stay in the renting home. This belief may comes due to several reasons.

First, in some places renting a home is very expensive. People who live in the renting house would face the difficulties in life. They probably must pay every month or years routinely with a lot of money. In other words, renting a house much more expensive rather that owning a  home.

Second, renting a home does not mean that you have a permanent address. The owner might stop to rent the house if he wants to. Some people do not like to change the address often, because it has a lot of effect especially in his or her identity card .

Third, some people want to modify the hose like want they want to. However, it is quite difficult for the rent. We need permission from the owner if you really want to modify the house. Thus, we will probably life in the restricted way because it is not belong to the dweller.

Anyway, this beliefs is a positive because it may motivate people to try their best to owning the house. Moreover, most of us want to life freely. It is very natural for us to have our own home. As a result, we can do what we want in our home even to modify the house.

In conclusion, there are some factor why people want to own their private home such as the price, permanent address and freedom. Thus, I personally believe that his situation is very feasible and positive.

benefits and drawbacks in living and studying in foreign country


Some people want to leave their country in order to fulfil his/her purposes such as to live or to study. Living in other country could have some challenges to deal with. Thus, there are some positive and negative impact in living in foreign country.

First, living in other country would give you some advantages that you probably do not find in your native country. In other county, you may get a new experiences which may become your good teacher in your life. In addition, living in other country will help you to improve your foreign language. If you want to learn other language, gong to other country would be the best way to do.

Second, beside its advantages, living in other country could also have some drawbacks. If you live in poor county you must adapt to your new environment and it might be challenging for some people. Thus living in foreign country may have its benefit and drawbacks. 

What you should do if you really want to stay or to study in other country is just prepare to deal with those challenges. Consequently, if you success to do that, you will probably gain a happy life. There are things that you need to prepare if you really want to live and stay outside your own country such as mental, health and living plans. You may also need yo contact to your friends who live surround you in the county to gain some additional support to live in new environment.

the importance of history in school subject


Some people believe that history in school is the most important subject. Some others say technology and science is more significant than the history. In this case, I will elaborate for each point of views in those opinions.

First, talking about the believe which says history is the most significant subject is not true. If we just look on what happen in the past, it is so difficult for us to improve. I totally agree the history subject is important but it is not the most important. There are a lot of combination of study to get the best result. Thus we cannot rely only on the history. 

Next, for the second opinion that say science and technology are more important than the history is not absolutely correct. We cannot advance in the technology and science if we do not learn from the history. There are a lot of thing that we should see on the past, so we can learn and improve our technology and science. For instance, it is impossible for use to know how dinosaurus could life if we do not look in the past and learn them by history.

Finally, what I really want to say is the field of study cannot stand alone. We must try to combine the to get the best result. Science and technology are never be better without the history. Thus the history cannot be accessible without the technology. So, all of the study has its own value. You just need to decide what subject that you like and become a pro on that.

people have too many choices now


Living in this modern era may create a lot of choice in our live. People believe that, we have too many options in our live. In my opinion this statement is definitely true due to these following reasons.

First, because of the advancement of technology, all of people in this world have more option than the predecessor who lives in ancient era. Now, we can choose whether we want to meet people directly or we just use the technology.  We can make a conversation by using phone, or have a meeting by using video conference. Technology create our live more option and sometime these option is too much to choose.

Second, the human right make people are free to do whatever we want. As long as it does not hurt people or breaking the rule, we can do anything. In the past, people did not have a lot of options like what we have now. Some people become a slave and they must do what ever their boss want to do. In addition, in the past, there might be no official rules, so only people who have power or strong position are able to choose many option in their live.

Third, people living in pre historical or ancient era do not have many goal in their live. What they need only for food to live. They probably do not need a job like we have not. What ancient people need to choose just only for survive in the jungle.

In conclusion, I think living in this modern era create too many choices to take. Just take a choice which is the best for you and enjoy your life.

social problems in foreign country


When people want to go abroad, they have to deal with a problem related to the communication skill. As a result, it probably causes serious social issues and practical problem. In this issue, I strongly agree with this statements, by these following reasons.

Firstly, Foreigner should have a lot of differences when they move to another area. One of the serious issue is in the aspect of communication. Communication is strongly related to the culture and it takes time to learn. It is very common for the native to threat the foreigner differently. The inhabitant is not always hate the foreigner but the difference of foreign language and its culture my lead to the social issue.

Second, It is not easy to know what is right in the other country and what is wrong. Something good in our native country does not always mean good in the destination country. This may be one of the reasons for the practical problem in living in other country which creates the difficulty to live as a new comers. As a result, as a foreigner we should accept that social issues and practical problem temporarily.

Even tough social issue and practical problem are inevitable, they are not permanent issues. If we want to learn other culture and learn about the way how they life, we could blend to them easily. After we know how the native live in their country and we adapt to this environment, the social distance and the other problem would be subside. So, try to blend with the native and make a good relationship to them.

let the children make a decision


Some people believe that let the children choose what they need in daily life, make them become an individual who think only about their wants. Others think it is a good choice to let the children decide what they need because it will train them to make a decision in their own life. In this point of view, let discuss which one s the best view for the parent to choose.

First, I would like to say that, both opinion have their own benefit. It actually depends on the way what the parent want to shape their character for the children in the future. If the parents want their children to be a good leader who will able to make decision in the future, then the best approach would be let the children choose what the need in their daily life,

Second, some of parents want their children became a good listener and have an empathy to other people. They want their children have an ability to understand other people and become a great empath. In this case the second approach would probably the best.

lastly, If parents can combine both approach to create balance. This probably the best method among other because the children could have both empathy and leadership. Thus, they can be a good listener as well as a decision maker.

In conclusion, both of approaches have their own advantages. It really depend on what their parents wants. However, the best approach would be the hybrid approach because the children could have characters which are balance.

positive impact for the global market


Since the global market, nations in the world are becoming more similar since they can get any product even if it is produced in different countries. There are no such a barrier like in the past. Every country are able to buy or sell their product to every country in the world. I believe that this could have many positive impacts for every nation.

Firstly, today we can buy any product that is not produced in our country. For poor countries which do not have any industrial production, it really helpful for them since they could buy them from another country. It another world each country could help each other for their needs.

Secondly, when having good products, we could easily sell them for another countries and get more extra money. If the value of the products are low in our country, we could sell them to another countries which could pay more money.

Lastly, This easy access which make the county become more similar would create a good relationship for every country around the world. The similarity make us more like a united and create a good bound because we help each other.

In conclusion, I believe that since we can buy everything around the world, our nations become more similar which create the good relationship or boundary. This good relationship happens because we help each other and provide anything to the other counties for what their needs.