rent or buy a home

In some places, owning a home is the most important for life. They hesitate to stay in the renting home. This belief may comes due to several reasons.

First, in some places renting a home is very expensive. People who live in the renting house would face the difficulties in life. They probably must pay every month or years routinely with a lot of money. In other words, renting a house much more expensive rather that owning a  home.

Second, renting a home does not mean that you have a permanent address. The owner might stop to rent the house if he wants to. Some people do not like to change the address often, because it has a lot of effect especially in his or her identity card .

Third, some people want to modify the hose like want they want to. However, it is quite difficult for the rent. We need permission from the owner if you really want to modify the house. Thus, we will probably life in the restricted way because it is not belong to the dweller.

Anyway, this beliefs is a positive because it may motivate people to try their best to owning the house. Moreover, most of us want to life freely. It is very natural for us to have our own home. As a result, we can do what we want in our home even to modify the house.

In conclusion, there are some factor why people want to own their private home such as the price, permanent address and freedom. Thus, I personally believe that his situation is very feasible and positive.

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