Online learning could have some drawbacks

Today, in this pandemic era we have to deal with distance learning. Some countries still do not allowed the students to study normally in the class. One of the best actions to conduct the learning activity is online learning. Online learning is held by using internet connection. There are many applications which are available to help the online learning.

Unfortunately, online learning is not as good as in class learning. There are some negative impact which became the drawback of online learning, here are the example why online learning is not as good as traditional learning.

First, not all of people have a supported gadget to join online learning. Many the lower class of family struggle with this issue. In fact to join online class we need at least smartphone android or personal computer. Governments should think of giving or leanding a gadget for them.

Second, online learning almost is the same as when you open online tutorial on YouTube. It may cause some students to easily get distract or bored. Moreover, gadget like android has a lot of facilities just like games or the others that may cause the students get distracted.

Third, the teachers and the students have very limited way to interact each other. Sure, you still can ask and talk in the video conference application but It is not as smooth as in the class. Students may demotivate to interact to the teacher because it is not really natural.

So, how to deal with this issue, because of the drawbacks, many people tackle this issue bay doing blend or hybrid learning. This mean you do not have to learn or study fully by online learning. You will get offline or learning in the class in limited amounts. For instance, you will have 4 days for online learning and 2 days for offline learning. Of course the class leaning will be conducted with very strict protocol of covid 19.

So I think blended learning is the best option for the students to study effectively. Since we know that, At some poin online learning cannot fully replaced the way of learning on the class. So we still need to conduct the traditional leaning in the class with the high protocol of covid 19 for sure.

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