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Today, I make my new blog. What I want for this blog is focus in English. English is not my mother tongue, but I am an English student. So, I believe that write in English will give me a good impact. I just wanna to tell  to you that, why decide to separate my old blog to this blog.

Writing bilingual blog my confuse your reader if it is not manage well. I wonder that why my visitors was very little from native countries. Many of them all come from my own country. In fact, I really want to have visitor from the native countries like US, UK, New Zealand or Canada, 

Moreover, my blog look very unprofessional when combining two languages in one website. Well I found a brilliant idea to create a sub-domain. Have you heard about it. Sub-domain give you an ability to create more than one blog just by one single domain. In another word, you do not have to pay more money to rent a new domain.

How it works? you just add a sub in front of your blog address. Lets take a look for this blog address. is my new blog address. Actually, my real domain is but I make this new address to make a new site for English only. So I highly recommend for you guys who really interested in making bilingual blog. You can separate your site by making your new sub-domain.

This is not a new idea. Many professional website has use this method just like wikipedia. If we open wikipedia in different country they may have their own sub-domain. So, for you guys who want to make a sub-domain just make it. It is free by the way. 

Well for the content, I probably will fill this blog with education and lifestyle. I know education and lifestyle are seems a little bit unrelated but I like them. So I think it is a good choice to write what you like to because you won't easily get bored. So I think that is my way right now.

Well I think that is all for today. I haven't had any Idea to write any more about this blog yet. Well I hope in the future if this blog become very success, I will not never forget about this first writing in this blog. See you guys in the next writing. I hope I could write often and improve the quality of this blog

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