social problems in foreign country

When people want to go abroad, they have to deal with a problem related to the communication skill. As a result, it probably causes serious social issues and practical problem. In this issue, I strongly agree with this statements, by these following reasons.

Firstly, Foreigner should have a lot of differences when they move to another area. One of the serious issue is in the aspect of communication. Communication is strongly related to the culture and it takes time to learn. It is very common for the native to threat the foreigner differently. The inhabitant is not always hate the foreigner but the difference of foreign language and its culture my lead to the social issue.

Second, It is not easy to know what is right in the other country and what is wrong. Something good in our native country does not always mean good in the destination country. This may be one of the reasons for the practical problem in living in other country which creates the difficulty to live as a new comers. As a result, as a foreigner we should accept that social issues and practical problem temporarily.

Even tough social issue and practical problem are inevitable, they are not permanent issues. If we want to learn other culture and learn about the way how they life, we could blend to them easily. After we know how the native live in their country and we adapt to this environment, the social distance and the other problem would be subside. So, try to blend with the native and make a good relationship to them.

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