people have too many choices now


Living in this modern era may create a lot of choice in our live. People believe that, we have too many options in our live. In my opinion this statement is definitely true due to these following reasons.

First, because of the advancement of technology, all of people in this world have more option than the predecessor who lives in ancient era. Now, we can choose whether we want to meet people directly or we just use the technology.  We can make a conversation by using phone, or have a meeting by using video conference. Technology create our live more option and sometime these option is too much to choose.

Second, the human right make people are free to do whatever we want. As long as it does not hurt people or breaking the rule, we can do anything. In the past, people did not have a lot of options like what we have now. Some people become a slave and they must do what ever their boss want to do. In addition, in the past, there might be no official rules, so only people who have power or strong position are able to choose many option in their live.

Third, people living in pre historical or ancient era do not have many goal in their live. What they need only for food to live. They probably do not need a job like we have not. What ancient people need to choose just only for survive in the jungle.

In conclusion, I think living in this modern era create too many choices to take. Just take a choice which is the best for you and enjoy your life.

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