the importance of history in school subject

Some people believe that history in school is the most important subject. Some others say technology and science is more significant than the history. In this case, I will elaborate for each point of views in those opinions.

First, talking about the believe which says history is the most significant subject is not true. If we just look on what happen in the past, it is so difficult for us to improve. I totally agree the history subject is important but it is not the most important. There are a lot of combination of study to get the best result. Thus we cannot rely only on the history. 

Next, for the second opinion that say science and technology are more important than the history is not absolutely correct. We cannot advance in the technology and science if we do not learn from the history. There are a lot of thing that we should see on the past, so we can learn and improve our technology and science. For instance, it is impossible for use to know how dinosaurus could life if we do not look in the past and learn them by history.

Finally, what I really want to say is the field of study cannot stand alone. We must try to combine the to get the best result. Science and technology are never be better without the history. Thus the history cannot be accessible without the technology. So, all of the study has its own value. You just need to decide what subject that you like and become a pro on that.

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