benefits and drawbacks in living and studying in foreign country

Some people want to leave their country in order to fulfil his/her purposes such as to live or to study. Living in other country could have some challenges to deal with. Thus, there are some positive and negative impact in living in foreign country.

First, living in other country would give you some advantages that you probably do not find in your native country. In other county, you may get a new experiences which may become your good teacher in your life. In addition, living in other country will help you to improve your foreign language. If you want to learn other language, gong to other country would be the best way to do.

Second, beside its advantages, living in other country could also have some drawbacks. If you live in poor county you must adapt to your new environment and it might be challenging for some people. Thus living in foreign country may have its benefit and drawbacks. 

What you should do if you really want to stay or to study in other country is just prepare to deal with those challenges. Consequently, if you success to do that, you will probably gain a happy life. There are things that you need to prepare if you really want to live and stay outside your own country such as mental, health and living plans. You may also need yo contact to your friends who live surround you in the county to gain some additional support to live in new environment.

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