positive impact for the global market

Since the global market, nations in the world are becoming more similar since they can get any product even if it is produced in different countries. There are no such a barrier like in the past. Every country are able to buy or sell their product to every country in the world. I believe that this could have many positive impacts for every nation.

Firstly, today we can buy any product that is not produced in our country. For poor countries which do not have any industrial production, it really helpful for them since they could buy them from another country. It another world each country could help each other for their needs.

Secondly, when having good products, we could easily sell them for another countries and get more extra money. If the value of the products are low in our country, we could sell them to another countries which could pay more money.

Lastly, This easy access which make the county become more similar would create a good relationship for every country around the world. The similarity make us more like a united and create a good bound because we help each other.

In conclusion, I believe that since we can buy everything around the world, our nations become more similar which create the good relationship or boundary. This good relationship happens because we help each other and provide anything to the other counties for what their needs.

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