the population of young adult

Today, based on the statistic some countries have larger population of young adults rather than older people. Of course this has the advantages and disadvantages. However do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. To consider about which one give more impact between the two, there are some point of view that we should see.

First, young people are more productive than the older people. Thus, young people could give more impact on the current population rather than the older people. If this young generations are the smart generation which can improve the current technology for example, the impact will absolutely positive. At the other hand if the young one are worse than the older generations, for instance most of them are jobless as a result the negative one would be the impact. 

Second, most of young generations are computer literate. Comparing to the older people, young generations are more advance in the technology and computer literate. There are so many thing that we can do in this current situation which impossible to do in the older people era. If younger people would use this advantages for the good will rather than to a bad this such as criminal, younger generation would be more precious than older people.

So, based on these reasons, young people would give more advantages if this young are good generations which give their productivity to the good will. However, if the young are worse that the older, The young could give more the disadvantages of the lager current population of the world.

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