sharing personal information to the world

Believe or not, our privacy seems to lose its ability to keep itself as a privacy. There are so many ways that push ourselves to share our secret such as in scientific research, business and the academic. Some people say that it is good to share everything as much as possible. Others believe that we should not share all of them because some of them are too valuable to share. 

In the first opinion, I think people want to share their information because, they believe their privacy is important to be used for a good will. For instance, when they want to look for a job, they should give all of the information to the company, because it will help the company to do the selection. In addition, if the information is not fulfil the need of the company, they may not pass the selection process.

However, for the later opinion, these people do not want to some of their privacy because they afraid it could be used as a criminal such as a blackmail in the future. For instance, if someone share their identification card to a bad person, they may use this identity to committing a crime.

So, based on this point of view, I think both side are correct, because their reasons are very logical. However, what we should do is to make sure if the company or person who asking our privacy is legal and trustable. In another word, we cannot share our privacy to everybody. However, we should not keep our important data too secret, because sometime it is also need for our good. The point is just use your own privacy wisely.

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