legal requirement for recycling waste

Today, waste becomes the main issue for many governments around the world. Actually, this problem is not only for the governments to handle but also for the public. Waste can affect our environment or even our world. Since some people aware about this issue, there is an idea to make a legal requirement for recycling waste. 

In my opinion, I strongly agree that, if the governments take a serious action by making the law to handle the waste for these several reasons.

First, There are so many people who do not care about the waste. They may throw away the waste to everywhere without any intention to recycle them. If there is no official rule on handing this problem, no one can stop it. If this happen continuously, our environment could get the worst impact.

Second, Some of wastes contain chemical substance which probably danger for human. If people do not recycle them, it probably cause a treat for human being. In the worst case, some of waste even take a very long time to disperse in the soil. In another word, we need to wait for a long time for the waste to be recycled naturally.

Third, since some of waste takes a time to be gone, it may affect for our next generation. If there are no serious law to force the human to recycle the waste, this problem may not to be stopped even for the next decade. As a result the world could probably the land of waste.

In conclusion, by those several reasons, The governments should take a serious action in handling the waste. On of the best ways to handle this problem by making an official law to encourage more people to recycle the waste. This really may help the world to be free from the negative impact of the waste.

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