the new blog has no visitor

Well today, I just wanna share what just happen for my blog. Actually I did make my new blog approximately maybe just one week ago. I just want to tell you that this blog has no visitor. I do not really know why this is happen to this blog or perhaps it just happen to everybody. 

I looked for the information on the internet, but some people say that, it is natural for the new blog does not have any visitor yet. They say that I just need to wait until the google craws this new website. Well, what can I do, may be I just need to wait then.

Actually, I asked the google to help me to index this blog. I did it by submit the link from my article to the google search console since some people say that I gonna speed up the article to be indexed. However, It still has not indexed yet.

How about you guys, maybe someone is reading this article, I hope you like to share your experience on making a new blog the tell me how long it takes to be indexed. If we write the article but nobody read, it makes what we do seem to be useless right?

Well hopefully, this blog will be indexed soon, and if  you read this article, it means that this blog has already indexed. However, I will not give up to write, because I believe that it help me to improve my writing skill as well as my intelligent.

I think that all what I want to share today, hopefully you gonna find this article, then leave your comment below. Lets share about your experience too with me maybe we are on the same boat.

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